Schneider Electric Wants Women in Energy Management

I never thought I’d say this… but I really wish I was a student right now. Crazy, you say? I think not. Schneider Electric, a global energy management company specializing in commercial and industrial energy solutions, is hosting an energy management competition for university students in 8 countries called Go Green in the City . I so wish I could have competed. I wish, I wish, I wish I could have. I wish so bad that I could have been a part of this amazing competition.

The best part: Each submission must be entered by a team of two students and one of those students MUST be a female. Yes, reader, that’s right. They are requiring at least one of the two students in each pair to be a woman! Do you understand the significance of this? Let’s break it down. On my team at work, I am the ONLY female energy specialist – outnumbered by 10 men. Only 27% of the energy workforce is made up of women. The bottom line is that there are just not enough women populating the energy efficiency and energy management arenas. I am elated that Schneider Energy has not only put together a great competition to encourage students to pursue, innovate, and rock the world of energy management but that they really want women to be a part of it. It is a huge leap in the right direction for the industry and the collective student body across the world.

Competition Details

1. Teams must consist of two university students (in business or engineering programs), at least one of which must be a woman.

2. Team members must study at a university in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, Turkey, or the USA.

3. Teammates must attend a university in the same country.

4. Applications and presentations must be submitted by March 11. (How did I not about this before now?! Thanks for nothing, internet.)

5. Top 100 submissions must present a synopsis of their business case for intelligent energy management in a city in five categories – home, university, retail, water, and hospital. A mentor from Schneider Electric is assigned to help with this.

6. Top 25 teams are selected and flown to Paris for the final competition where they will present their full business cases to Schneider Electric judges, attend field activities, network with executives in first class atmospheres, and get career pathing advice, job opportunities, and internship roles.

Seriously, could the competition be any more mind-blowingly awesome? Just to participate in the first stages would be absolutely thrilling… not to mention all the abso-fab traveling, schmoozing, and networking if you win.

I emailed Go Green in the City today to show my appreciation for furthering energy education and energy opportunities for women – and to ask what I could do to help. I don’t care if I can’t participate. I want to be a part of this. I want to be a part of this unbelievable opportunity for students… somehow. I would wash the limousines that cart the folks around Paris if they wanted me to. Can you even imagine how much of a rock solid foundation these students will have once they graduate and look to start their careers? *deep breath* This is beyond exciting.

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5 Comments on “Schneider Electric Wants Women in Energy Management”

  1. Aurian Says:

    Wow. I can’t agree with you more, Megan. This is awesome :-). I, too, wish I was in my graduating year right now so that I could take advantage of this!

    Good job on emailing them and telling them how great their competition is :-).

    Now if only we could get these initiatives for mid-to-late-twenties female engineers (who are the ones leaving the workforce)…


  2. Madam Energy Says:

    No kidding! Maybe they could provide a scholarship for continued education, certifications, etc for 20-somethings instead of internships and job opps. That would be beyond awesome.


  3. Mark W. Says:

    I think it’s great Schneider Electric is hosting this competition for university students with an emphasis in involvement for women. I went to their web site and looked around to find out where they’re based, their size, and products and services offered. I learned they are based in France (surprise,surprise 🙂 ), global(190 countries) and huge (110,000+ employees). The only real disappointment is it isn’t a USA based company taking this leadership role. Hopefully, businesses in the energy efficient industry in this country will notice and follow suit in some way.


    • Madam Energy Says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Mark. I’m not sure that we have such a large, wide-spanning energy management firm here in the US though… but any large firm to set an example would be great.


  4. Earle Says:

    Amazing submit, I actually anticipate fresh news by you.


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