My Energy Job: Paperwork, Story-telling, and Hard Hats

YESTERDAY, I shuffled papers around my desk and fielded questions from my contractors on the phone all day. That’s literally all I did… all day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy doing it and it is much more engaging than it sounds.

TODAY, I trained an on-boarding employee and got to tell great stories about the work we do, why we do it, and how we do it. I absolutely love training new people. I love teaching people about ANYTHING but teaching them about how we get paid to give away money is awesome. I get to talk process, resources, protocol, technologies, projects of yesteryear, and client priorities. It’s so much fun. And it’s a great tool for building a solid relationship with a new co-worker and to help me re-teach myself some things I may have forgotten.

TOMORROW, I get to take two fellow employees to a giant drop forge foundry (that requires hard hats and safety glasses… way cool!) to check out their lighting design straight out of World War II. The building is practically a historic monument to the beginning of industrial iron forging. I learn so much about how our country operates and how things are made when I do these types of customer visits… it is truly a blessing.

My awesome green hard hat!

It’s obvious now that there’s a lot of variety involved in my totally awesome energy job… but not everyone loves variety. Some people flourish in environments where there are a lot of routines, consistency, and defined roles. I am not one of those people. I appreciate those things but absolutely love that every day is different for me at work. I find that I excel the most when I’m challenged daily and there are new goals and accomplishments to be had around every corner.

How do you operate? Do you love knowing exactly what your day will entail when you wake up in the morning? Or would you rather your days be a little hectic and unexpected?

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One Comment on “My Energy Job: Paperwork, Story-telling, and Hard Hats”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I absolutely hate routine. Your job sounds exciting to me. I am glad you are doing something you enjoy.


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