My Attempt at Consistency

March 29, 2011


I’ve been pretty consistent with this blog since I began. I research like a maniac and work pretty hard at making sure I have at least 1 post a week. So today, I give you my 1 post for the week – a sad attempt, it may be.

I’m sicker than a dog. Acute bronchitis and a viral infection of some sort. I’ve got 67 unread items on my Google Reader and haven’t checked my email in what feels like a decade. I slept for 24 consecutive hours yesterday and to be honest, my brain feels like mush. Also, I move to a new apartment tomorrow and am still packing like a mad woman. So there are not going to be any fun stories, neat projects, or tips on getting an energy job this week. I will, although, tell you that once I get to feeling better – it is ON. I’ve got some fun posts coming soon so please stay tuned!

With love and pharmaceuticals,

Madam Energy



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4 Comments on “My Attempt at Consistency”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    This made me crack up. I have 227 subscriptions in my Google Reader so have well above 67 unread items on a daily basis. That’s a bit of a humble brag, but I think it’s also a good reminder that we’re all busy in different ways and respond to stress in different ways. For instance, if I was moving tomorrow I would be a nut case! I appreciate your dedication to your readers. 🙂


    • Madam Energy Says:

      227 subscriptions?! I’d be a nut case with a Reader that full! 🙂 I’m also one of those people that cannot leave any emails in “unread” status – I even open them, skim, and star them to read later if necessary. If my Reader were that busy, I’d probably have to quit my day job. 🙂

      Also, congrats on the launch!


  2. Mark W. Says:

    Take care Megan.
    Conserve and effectively process your own energy this week. 🙂
    Look forward to your future posts.


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