I am an energy nerd and I am proud!

April 3, 2011


My new custom license plate ❤

Here it is, folks. In all its nerdy glory, I present to you my new custom license plate. Last month, I took a poll to see what people thought would be the best custom plate I could choose and the results were ISAVNRG – but after a co-worker suggested the NRGNERD plate, I could not refuse. It doesn’t tell the world just what I do (save energy) but that I am a complete nerd about it all. My regional director once introduced me to a new employee as the resident energy geek to which I did not take offense. I was proud! But I like Nerd better than Geek. I associate geeks with role-playing games and comic books. So, here I am, owning my nerdiness and wearing it proudly.

If anyone ever questions my passion for energy, see above. Not that anyone would… because, you know, I’m kind of obsessed. What do you think?

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3 Comments on “I am an energy nerd and I am proud!”

  1. Mark W. Says:

    You’ve even got the matching colors happening. 🙂


  2. Tom Says:

    Ok chica…that’s good! I’ve been trying to come up with a cool plate here in Oregon. However, this whack state only allows six letters instead of 7 like every other state in the union. So, I drive with the standard Oregon “tree” plate! I can’t even have my KOVALAK plate like I had in Michigan. Ha!


    • Madam Energy Says:

      Thanks Tom! I totally love it. Eric H had it put on the intranet! Buahaha. It still makes me giggle. 6 letters IS whack – one of the very few reasons MI is better than OR. :oP What about “UTIL TK”? Nevermind. That is whack, too.


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