Tuesdays = Dry Erase Day

April 12, 2011


Tuesday's White Board on Power Factor Correction

So, in a recent post, I promised you folks that I would follow-up this week with a post on how to correct power factor and the financial business case to do so. Well, I’m still working on it. Working like a mad woman, that is!

Last night I spent a couple hours Facebook stalking everyone I could think of that might be able to help me figure a couple things out. It was somewhat successful but I still had questions this morning. So I set out to get this figured out – I asked everyone in the office to share their knowledge. We all kind of confused ourselves so I ran to the conference room to “draw it out”. I love white boards. And here is evidence of that… and evidence of the fact that I am working really hard to get this ambitious follow-up post out this week as promised.

Don’t look too closely or read too deeply into any of the scribbles. We may have found an explanation after I drew ALL over the board that might not correlate with our illustration. 🙂 Note: Shawarma and Chuck both added some small drawings in there and JK is totally responsible for all mathematics.By the end of the power factor class we held for ourselves, I summed it all up with a hilariously brief and somewhat inaccurate drawing here:

Warning: This is not drawn to scale.

Stay tuned!

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