Vulcan Mind Meld at the offices of Team Awesome

April 14, 2011

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I love learning.Scratch that… I don’t just love learning. I am ADDICTED to learning.

Some one would call me just a plain ole nerd but really, learning might as well be a drug to me. I get high in its presence, cranky in its absence, and I often feel compelled to drop everything I’m doing to get me a learning fix.

This is one of the reasons my job suits me well. Besides energy efficiency being my true bliss, my calling, my passion… my job not only allows me to learn, it encourages it and even requires it – frequently.

This week has been so awesome. In my pursuits to know more about (and explain more articulately) the issues surrounding power factor, we had some awesome Vulcan mind meld moments at the expense of the white board. Today, we had another spontaneous meeting of the minds right in the middle of a shared office space and it totally rocked my world.

Jeffro shared with us some awesome information about an automation program designed for dust collection systems that can be used to reduce energy in book and furnitre manufacturing facilities. He talked about servo motors, knife gates, and vaccum suction’s affect on static electricity management, too. We all had questions for him and we were all engaged in this awesome open, shared learning experience.

Endless opportunities to learn and sharing the knowledge within your brain trust is so important in business today – especially the energy efficiency industry. Being an emerging career option new to the workforce, most of the people where I work have backgrounds *other* than energy. My team alone is comprised of project management, demolition, high-end lighting sales, architecture, non-profit program development, automotive design engineering, customer service, administrative support, and various other “prior lives”. Some may see that and think that we’re a B-team of displaced professionals simply dressed up as energy gurus.

I say those people are wrong. We’re a dynamically diverse team of smarty pants pros that can apply our prior lives to the amazing world of energy efficiency. And in order to keep being Team Awesome, we need to keep having these Vulcan mind melds like we had this week. Our ability to share and feed off of one another’s strengths is often stunted by our cubical walls and our busy schedules – but I insist on overcoming those boundaries. I insist for the sake of my totally bitchin’ Team Awesome and for the sake of all energy teams and all business teams.

Learning is no longer a teacher-student-classroom activity. It is a collaborative state of collective mind that needs to infect everyone. Without new information, improvement cannot happen. Innovation cannot happen. Awesomeness cannot happen. With so much information available at our fingertips these days, we’re now properly equipped to make it available at the tips of our tongues. I, hereby, challenge you readers to empower your teams, groups, and committees by encouraging the Vulcan mind meld to share and learn together.

What would you like to share today? Teach me something. Share a quote, a concept that’s struck you recently, a statistic you can’t get out of your head. I welcome you to include me in your brain trust – and I’ll include you in mine. Start empowering through shared learning today – by leaving a comment sharing your knowledge.

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