My Energy Job: Empowering Your Best Customers

April 18, 2011

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There is something to be said about landing a tough customer. You put in endless hours trying to sell your customer on whatever it is you’re peddling. Some customers are just adamant that your widget, whatever it may be – energy efficiency projects in my case, just isn’t for them. It’s not in the budget. It doesn’t have the return on investment CFO needs to see. There’s just no time to get caught up in another project. I’ve heard it all. And when I land those hard sells, I have been known to threaten a cartwheel or two. It’s enthralling to land a tough customer.

But should we spend our time pushing the hard sale?

I’ve come to learn that chasing the worst customers for the thrill of the challenge and the joy of the achievement is often far less productive than actually empowering the best customers.

Your easy sells, those enthusiastic customers, the ones that just jump at the chance to have your widget – that’s where your time should be spent. Making your best customers into not only repeat customers but evangelists for your product or service is the smartest use of your time on the front lines. Empowering your best customers, spending less time selling and using their successes to spark interest with others = working smarter, my friend.

How do you divide your time amongst customers or clients?

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