Energy Job Hunters: [FREE] Webinar Series at YouTern – Get Noticed in an Ocean of Applicants

May 10, 2011

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There is some magic happening over at YouTern, the ultimate internship destination, in the coming weeks and if you’re looking for a job (or internship) – I suggest you be there.

Three amazing career/life coaches have joined forces to offer an awesome (FREE) webinar series for job/internship hunters. Perhaps you’ve just graduated and you’re out in the wild west of the workforce now. Maybe you’re sick and tired of being unemployed. Or possibly, you’re just chasing your passion and are hoping to jump head first into a new career. Whatever your job seeker situation, The Savvy Intern is hosting these three coaching superstars as they present to you “Jump to the Top: Get Noticed in an Ocean of Applicants” at YouTern.

Tracy Brisson of The Opportunities Project will be covering Balance: The Social Networking Job Search – Build, Engage, Find on May 11 at 8pm EST.

Brett Kunsch, The Millenial Coach, will deliver Strength: Identify your Strengths – Then Tell Your Story on May 18 at 8pm EST.

Jennie Mustafa-Julock, The Audacity Coach, will follow with Momentum: Jump Into Action… and Then Keep Going! on May 25 at 8pm EST.

You can take it on good authority that these dynamo coaches and their presentations will be a huge asset to you – but don’t *just* take my word for it. Take a look at what they had to say from our quick Q&A session about the event:

Q: (To Tracy, on Balance) Why is social media so important for job seekers these days?

Tracy: A few years ago, a young job seeker had to be well-connected to get certain jobs. Now, if they are strategic and do it correctly, a professional can use social media to add value to the world, build credibility and have a different type of community outside of their family, immediate friends, and geography. Because social media transcends geography and class, it has the ability to help the average person change his/her career trajectory in ways that were never possible even five years ago. That really excites me.

Q: (To Brett, on Strength) How can the art of storytelling give a jobseeker an advantage over their competition?
Brett: If ever there were a time to “know thyself,” this would be it! Through your entire job hunt, you are asked to tell relevant, compelling, and honest stories about who you are and what you’ve done. If you can’t tell these stories consistently and confidently, no one will understand how great you are. Masterful jobseekers communicate stories showcasing their personal and tangible strengths and how those strengths produced real results – helping them jump right to the top!

Q: (To Jennie, on Procrastination) How can ambitious job seekers fall victim to procrastination?

Jennie: So, you’re all fired up to get that fabulous new job and start leading that fabulous new life. But between you and all this wonderful new-ness are a bunch of obstacles to conquer: lengthy recruitment processes, scary interview questions, and the very real possibility of experiencing some rejection! The job hunt is often a daunting, frustrating, and darn-right overwhelming emotional roller coaster ride. So it comes as no surprise that even the most ambitious job seeker might fall into an “I’d-rather-play-Angry-Birds-than-polish-my-cover-letter” kind of thinking. Successful job seekers know all this going in and decide to not let these kinds of slips into procrastination stick. In the third webinar in our series, I will share strategies for pulling yourself out of procrastination and into straight-up tenacity.

What a segue there – don’t procrastinate and miss out on these phenom speakers! Tracy starts the ball rolling tomorrow, May 11 at 8pm EST and you do NOT want to miss this.

Register for all three (free) webinars here!

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