US DOE Takes Efficiency Clean-Tech Global

May 12, 2011

Industry News, Technologies

The US Department of Energy (DOE) just keeps getting smarter. Today, the DOE announced yet another awesome program to spark the global energy efficiency momentum and clean tech innovation. The program includes a $1 million grant for a US organization to train energy managers and engineers in China and India to perform energy assessments on industrial facilities in their countries. Along with these evaluations, the trained energy assessors will consult on industry best practices as well as help to unleash the greatness that is American-made energy efficiency technology abroad.

This is genius! China and India are fighting over energy security which makes them a potentially giant export market for the amazing clean tech developments we’ve developed here in the US. The chosen organization to receive the funding (open to companies, non-profits, universities, and research labs) could serve as a major catalyst to bolstering the international market for energy efficiency and that’s exciting stuff! This is a great opportunity for DOE to drive clean tech innovation even further, expand the green-collar job market, and put the US back on the proverbial energy efficiency export map.

I was really excited about the DOE’s Next Top Energy Innovator Challenge a couple weeks ago but this initiative has pushed me over the edge and I’m officially in love. Stop over to FedConnect if your organization is interested in applying for this stellar opportunity.

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2 Comments on “US DOE Takes Efficiency Clean-Tech Global”

  1. Mark W. Says:

    I read the very good ‘India, China locked in energy game’ article so thanks for that. Talk about the devil being in the details! We definitely don’t have the Vulcan (Star Trek) mentality here on Earth making decisions based solely on logic. However, I think we could use more of it. The article also made me think of nuclear power and Iran’s entry into the field. Things get complicated, don’t they?


    • Madam Energy Says:

      Mark – I loved that article, too. I’m border-line obsessed with following China’s energy acquisitions lately, it seems. I’m not as “up” on the Iran nuclear initiative but from what I have read, it seems they’re taking the same approach as China. Oh, the twisted energy web we weave!


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