5 Cliches Energy Secretary Steven Chu Doesn’t Fall Victim To

June 13, 2011

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US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is an energy bad ass. His work as Energy Secretary and with revamping the Department of Energy has been inspiring, to say the least. Budget cuts don’t shake him – he’ll find new ways to incentivize innovation that don’t cost billions. Opposition from congress? Bah – he’ll wrangle support from the masses instead.

Secretary Chu breaks the monotony of suited bureaucrats in appointed cabinet positions and he breaks a lot of cliches while doing so. Here’s 5 cliches that Energy Secretary Chu does not fall victim to.

1) It’s not rocket science.
Well, it’s close enough. Steven Chu is a Nobel Prize winning physicist for his work in laser cooling. With his Ph.D. in physics, he’s been a physics professor at Berkeley and Stanford as well as the director of Berkeley National Lab. His entire family tree is littered with credentials, in fact, so the brainy genius gene must be dominant amongst the Chus.

2) You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
He gets the need for social media and reaching the masses. Despite being 63 years old, the man has a Facebook page! He launched it “to highlight the potential for groundbreaking research to take giant leaps forward in solving the energy crisis.” He gets it. Making energy a mainstream, dinner-table conversation is essential for progress.

3) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
He’s a bit less short-sighted than most bureaucrats. Steven Chu is a huge proponent of empowering the youth of today to solve the problems we could face tomorrow with the energy crisis. He understands the potential youngsters have to make waves and he’s invested a lot of time and effort into encouraging them to become change agents in the new economy.

4) Don’t reinvent the wheel.
This man does not limit himself to thinking within the box or even within the constraints of a heavily bureaucratic governmental machine. One of his biggest campaigns is to reinvent the road. That’s right – one of the oldest signposts of the industrial revolution that made America a powerhouse nation is just not good enough for Chu. He wants to make roads white (or any other light color) so as to reflect the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere to combat global warming. Note: he’s perfectly content with the wheel, it seems.

5) Don’t rock the boat.
Steven Chu is not concerned with ruffling a few feathers or standing up against the status quo. His firm support of developing nuclear power technology is certainly a hot debate ticket these days, in the wake of Japan’s recent and ongoing disaster. Chu is a man of conviction though – he doesn’t mind rocking the boat a little in the name progress for science and energy.

Got some more cliches that Energy Sec Steven Chu doesn’t fall victim to? I’d love to hear them!

Photo Credit: blog.aapg.org

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