Could Existing VFD Tech Put a Colossal Dent in Global Energy Use?

June 16, 2011


ABB put together the awesome infographic below to illustrate how existing electric motors are a major efficiency challenge globally and the opportunities for savings. Please allow yourself to be wow’ed.

Infographic respectfully snagged from: Cleantechnica

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3 Comments on “Could Existing VFD Tech Put a Colossal Dent in Global Energy Use?”

  1. Mark W. Says:

    Thanks Megan for this post.
    Obviously, there are many benefits to upgrading to smart motor control systems. However, I have to wonder if people that are in a position to make decisions as to whether or not to upgrade are thinking about timing. That is to say, is this the right time to invest in the current technology or should we wait for the ‘next generation’? These investments are no small deal and technology is changing and being upgraded at an ever faster pace. According to the above infographic – “42% of businesses believe there is no clear-cut financial case for such measures”. I wonder exactly why they feel that way. Is it because the economy is currently unstable, the lifespan of a business is relatively short, or something else? I don’t know.


  2. Madam Energy Says:

    Mark, from my own personal experience working with commercial and industrial customers, they’re often just “in the dark” about the potential savings these types of technologies can offer. For example, variable frequency drive technology has unbelievable returns. Most business owners assume that because VFDs relate to process, it’s expensive and has a poor ROI (as most many process upgrades do) so they turn to the low hanging fruit like lighting first. In industrial settings, lighting can be relatively low cost with moderate returns while VFD tech is higher cost with much higher returns. It’s just a lack of exposure to the business cases and technologies, in my experience.


  3. Sartron Says:

    Great post, very interesting read. Now we just need to spread the word and start integrating this technology in businesses.


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