By day, Megan Atkinson is an energy professional delivering advice to businesses on how they can reduce their energy costs and the impact they have on the environment. After hours, she’s here blogging about the booming job market in the energy industry and helping others become energy careerists on their own terms.

There’s a lot of buzz about energy jobs these days. With the clean energy industries growing so quickly due to expanding energy policy, impending fuel scarcities, and innovative energy technologies, job opportunities are abundant. But is the pool of qualified candidates for energy jobs is small and competition is fierce. Energy careerists need to leverage some different types of tools than other professionals in order to wedge their way into this burgeoning niche industry – and that’s where Megan comes in. Her mission is to deliver relevant, personalized content to my Energy Careerist readers to better equip themselves and their unbelievable talents to enter the energy industry.

When she finally decided she was going to get into energy, Megan was quickly slapped in the face with the cold, clammy hand of reality: she didn’t know anyone in the industry to show her how and she had no idea where to look for jobs or what employers were looking for. After some whining and questioning of her purpose in life, Megan sucked it up and set out on a quest to really understand the industry and its needs from the workforce. And what kind of person would she be to keep all the information she found to herself?

Coincidentally, she kind of fell into the day job I have now. An unemployed friend of hers found a listing on a generic job board and thought she’d be interested. She submitted her resume, interviewed, and started her new, bright and shiny energy career a few weeks later. But you can’t mark it up entirely to luck – she obsessed over every last detail of the resume, interview prep, and career path information she could get her  grubby little hands on along the way. And it paid off.

Since that time, Megan has worked with a ton of energy professionals, employers, industry experts, and publications to really get a thorough picture of what the energy job candidate pool needs to do to step up to the plate and get hired. Megan created The Energy Careerist to help you do exactly that. And without energy rock stars like you, the energy industry cannot move forward in rebuilding our economy, changing the face of our environment, and fueling innovation.

Megan’s work and ideas have been featured at Brazen Careerist, myFootpath, TrackAhead and Energy Pulse. She openly admits to her nerdy obsession with energy efficiency, love of peanut butter straight from the jar, and addiction to her Kindle device.

The energy industry needs you. And you need The Energy Careerist. Let’s do this together.

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