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5 Cliches Energy Secretary Steven Chu Doesn’t Fall Victim To

June 13, 2011


US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is an energy bad ass. His work as Energy Secretary and with revamping the Department of Energy has been inspiring, to say the least. Budget cuts don’t shake him – he’ll find new ways to incentivize innovation that don’t cost billions. Opposition from congress? Bah – he’ll wrangle support […]

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Ask The Audience: How Do We Combat the Aging of the Energy Industry?

June 6, 2011


The average energy professional in the workforce right now is over 50 years old. Over half of the workforce is within 5-10 years of retirement. The industry’s job market is expected to triple in the next 10 years.  With these three statements in mind, it looks like the energy industry is going to be experiencing […]

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Energy Efficiency Gets Empirical on its Enemy

May 30, 2011


Energy efficiency has an enemy – and they’re called the Rebounders. Many opponents of energy efficiency and conservation efforts around the country are touting the evils of the “energy rebound effect”. The energy rebound effect theory claims that as the population adopts more energy efficient practices and utilizes more efficient equipment, the cost savings they […]

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Clean Tech Battle Cry For Generation Y

May 25, 2011


I recently wrote about the struggles of clean tech to thrive without incentives from government funded research, federal tax cuts, and consumer financial programs. It stemmed quite the conversation in the comments section. Can clean tech continue to boom? If the elimination of incentive to drive demand and access is merely a road block, how […]

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10 Twitter Handles Energy Enthusiasts Should Be Following

May 22, 2011


@TeenVogue, @Ricky_Martin, and @100LayerCake are not the types of handles I suspected Twitter would suggest for me to follow. If any of you fellow energy nerds would like some energy additions to your feed and found that the “Who To Follow” feature on Twitter was a major let down (I mean, come on… Ricky Martin?), […]

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Can Clean Tech Survive Without Incentive?

May 21, 2011


There’s a buzz amongst the web that the clean tech (clean energy technology) industry is looking pretty dismal at the moment. Despite reporting major venture capitalist dollars in clean tech for the first quarter, there’s more to this than meets the eye. The recently reported surge in clean tech funding has come from later-round investments […]

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Energy Visionaries Can Overcome Objections to Innovation

May 15, 2011


Energy issues are present in plenty, these days. What’s not so common are the visionaries the energy industry needs to build and maintain momentum, support, and action. There are so many naysayers quick to jump on the anti-renewable bandwagon out there. I know from experience. Being once a student of renewable energy technology, I heard […]

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US DOE Takes Efficiency Clean-Tech Global

May 12, 2011


The US Department of Energy (DOE) just keeps getting smarter. Today, the DOE announced yet another awesome program to spark the global energy efficiency momentum and clean tech innovation. The program includes a $1 million grant for a US organization to train energy managers and engineers in China and India to perform energy assessments on […]

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DOE Innovation Challenge + Clean Tech Start Ups = Pure Genius

May 2, 2011

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In April, the US Department of Energy announced it would be hosting a really neat new competition – America’s Next Top Energy Innovator. Though it sounds like a reality TV contest, it is actually a creative way for the US government to get the nation’s top innovators linked up with existing unlicensed patents for new […]

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Why Utilities are Shoveling Cash to Customer Energy Efficiency Projects

April 26, 2011


I came across a blog post over at Daily Energy Report yesterday and I had to share it with you folks. It answers a question that I get asked often. It’s essentially a statement from an energy efficiency/renewable energy implementation firm VP – talking about why utilities encourage their customers to become more efficient and […]

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