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5 Ways Apartment Living *Can* Be Energy Efficient

March 31, 2011


I don’t often write about residential energy efficiency (except for here). This is not because it’s unimportant. It’s because I hate residential energy efficiency. Well, I hate talking about it. Everyone complains about their energy bills wants to know what they can do to save energy and when I tell them, I often hear “But […]

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Flying Pants are an Energy Efficiency Opportunity

March 22, 2011


I want to tell you about an industry I recently discovered that can totally benefit from some wicked energy efficiency measures. Welcome to my pretty little world, textile rental. Textile rental companies supply laundered products such as uniforms, linens, floor mats, garments, and towels. These types of goods can be provided to a wide-array of […]

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Schneider Electric Wants Women in Energy Management

March 5, 2011


I never thought I’d say this… but I really wish I was a student right now. Crazy, you say? I think not. Schneider Electric, a global energy management company specializing in commercial and industrial energy solutions, is hosting an energy management competition for university students in 8 countries called Go Green in the City . […]

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Redditch, Britain Pushes Boundaries in the Name of Energy Efficiency

February 26, 2011


I am an awful excuse for a cook. In fact, when the pilot lights on my stove blew out due to a blistery wind through the kitchen window, I just turned off the gas to my stove/oven and called it good. That’s right… I’ve been living without stove-top cooking and baking for almost 2 months […]

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