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Clean Tech Battle Cry For Generation Y

May 25, 2011


I recently wrote about the struggles of clean tech to thrive without incentives from government funded research, federal tax cuts, and consumer financial programs. It stemmed quite the conversation in the comments section. Can clean tech continue to boom? If the elimination of incentive to drive demand and access is merely a road block, how […]

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DOE Innovation Challenge + Clean Tech Start Ups = Pure Genius

May 2, 2011

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In April, the US Department of Energy announced it would be hosting a really neat new competition – America’s Next Top Energy Innovator. Though it sounds like a reality TV contest, it is actually a creative way for the US government to get the nation’s top innovators linked up with existing unlicensed patents for new […]

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Energy Job Hunters: Being Green is “Tired and Old”

March 7, 2011


My former boss, Tom, is a utility industry guru. He started in the industry at 17 years old and climbed the ranks with the swiftness and speed of a panther. He’s served in a myriad of roles for utility companies and energy efficiency implementers over the years and “manager” has been a common thread in […]

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Where Are All the Energy Jobs?

February 17, 2011


If I hear one more person tell me how promising the alternative energy industry is going to be, I am going throw them off the top of Boji Tower. Unless you’re a heavily educated engineer and licensed PE, you’re not going to see much of a flourishing job market in renewables for many years to […]

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