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5 Cliches Energy Secretary Steven Chu Doesn’t Fall Victim To

June 13, 2011


US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu is an energy bad ass. His work as Energy Secretary and with revamping the Department of Energy has been inspiring, to say the least. Budget cuts don’t shake him – he’ll find new ways to incentivize innovation that don’t cost billions. Opposition from congress? Bah – he’ll wrangle support […]

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Energy Visionaries Can Overcome Objections to Innovation

May 15, 2011


Energy issues are present in plenty, these days. What’s not so common are the visionaries the energy industry needs to build and maintain momentum, support, and action. There are so many naysayers quick to jump on the anti-renewable bandwagon out there. I know from experience. Being once a student of renewable energy technology, I heard […]

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