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Power Factor Correction – How and Why

April 13, 2011


Earlier this week I attempted to explain power factor through an analogy using beer. I promised you that I’d follow it up with an explanation of how to correct power factor and why it’s a good financial decision to do so. So let’s recap a little with a vocabulary refresher: Tap = Utility company – […]

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Tuesdays = Dry Erase Day

April 12, 2011

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So, in a recent post, I promised you folks that I would follow-up this week with a post on how to correct power factor and the financial business case to do so. Well, I’m still working on it. Working like a mad woman, that is! Last night I spent a couple hours Facebook stalking everyone […]

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The Art of Explaining Power Factor

April 7, 2011


I visit a lot of businesses in Michigan. It’s one of coolest parts of my work in energy efficiency. I get to see a ton of different facilities and work with a lot of interesting customers. Energy efficiency isn’t always the primary language of maintenance managers and business owners so questions are frequent. “In pumping […]

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